Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm back!

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After 3 months... I've blogged again! :)

I'm sorry blogger, I betrayed you. I got so hooked up with my tumblr account once again. But now, I'm really really back! Yay!

So the last three months I've been busy. If not, I'm too tired or too lazy to blog. If not, maybe I forgot. Teehee.

More updates soon! I miss you blogger! XD

Hhhhii!! :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Reward for Myself

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I deserve this. I think? :) Anyways, I really make sure to buy something from my part time job allowance, it's a sort of remembrance and yeah, a reward. When I first received my allowance, I bought this book I've been eyeing for weeks: Sundays at Tiffany's written by James Patterson. I didn't regret buying that book, totally worth it.

Sorry, I don't have the picture of the actual book~
It's with Dazen at the moment. :)

Second, I bought a shirt from Giordano. The design was actually made by my very good friend, Juko. He joined Giordano's Typography Tee contest with the theme: World Without Strangers, and luckily his work was included in the Top 7 finalists and was later on sold in the market. Congrats BB!

There you go, I'm wearing it right now. Lol~
Amazing, my shirt size is Small. O.O

It really feels good to buy something for yourself every once in a while. If you think you deserve it, then go for it. But always remember to save a little something for contingency purposes. You'll never know right?

Next on my list: That teal sleeveless blouse at Robinsons. XD

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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I've probably blogged about them a thousand times already, but I don't mind. Really. I don't mind getting my blog photo-spammed by these individuals.

Just want to share this random moment we had last time (Last Wednesday). We're bored, so we had this so called photo shoot. XD If you really consider it as one.

The best thing about being with them is that you'll never stop laughing. Dramas aren't welcome in the club, loljk.  How can you possibly emote when the others make funny faces like mad people? Ikadlaw nalang na.

I've spent most of my time in school with these people and life was never boring. Promise. :)

Lemme end this post through this photo. We will miss you Manang Epi!

Going for FILM: Holga Lomo

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Just a thought. While most of the people nowadays are obsessing over Photography (owning an expensive DSLR and taking random shots of almost everything that's what Photography means nowadays, lol), I might as well try it the old way, using film. I don't know why, but I really am amazed with Film Photographers (but I'm still amazed by SOME Digital Photographers not to mention *ehem*).

Film brings you a lot of excitement. From placing your film inside your camera, to taking careful, awesome shots and having it developed like a boss! That feeling once you've seen your outputs, ahhh heaven.

So at the moment, I'm still looking for a very good but cheap camera (lol, I don't have enough budget). I tried to ask some friends whose also a film photoG enthusiasts and they suggested that I should try the Lomo Camera.. They've given me websites to where I can buy one and here's what I found:
It's cute and cheap, it costs around 2000 I guess.. plus the films maybe it'd run to 2500 shipping fee is FREE. I'll buy the flash next time, if I can save up enough money again. Hopefully next week, I can have this baby. Holga, wait for me okay? We'll be having so much fun. Soon. XD

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Started Digital "Drawing"

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I never thought that I'd be able to this crap! Well, I didn't start from scratch though, I had this so called, "model" where I base my angles and right projection of my subject (dafuq?).

Anyways, I'm so happy for I was able to try something new (well, it is.. because it's my first decent artwork).

I'll enroll myself in an art class this summer, it's official. Lim Guan, wait for me. (Lim Guan offers art lessons- its famous in the city for their lessons and frames)

Let me share to you my first "DigiDrawing". :) So happy I could die.

Btw, I did it for a contribution for our Literary Folio. A short story needed some illustration, so I gave it a try. Why not, coconut?

FIRST ATTEMPT. I tried to make the clothes a bit sophisticated, fail.

REVISION I. I decided that she'd be wearing a "flowy" dress instead,
and a pair of boots. Going for a Country Look. Boohoo!

ADDED SOME COLORS. I tried to use this color first since it's my
favorite color. Sorry, I'm color-biased. Lol. :)

PINK. Finally settled with pink for the dress color, it's more girly.
Fail attempt at the colors though, I can't achieve the "painting" effect.

That's it, tomorrow I'll be posting the Final Output in colored and Black and White. :)


Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Leap Year Experience

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Today's just another ordinary day but with extraordinary "happenings". February 29 felt so right. It's like everything's into its right place, perfect timing, proper setting. My lucky day (Well, Wednesday is usually my lucky day).

Let me tell you why my day seemed so lucky.

  • Around 1 AM, we talked. I mean, chatted. We talked about his pictures, about my promise (on May) and some random stuff. After several days, he talked to me again. That's the best thing about it. Started my day right! Yay! Now time for bed.
  • I woke up at around 5:45 AM. After several attempts of waking up early to jog, I finally did it! 10 Laps, not bad for starters.
  • I'm comfortable with my outfit, that's a plus.
  • I went to my cousin's dental clinic (which by the way offers me a part time job) to do some minor adjustments in the layout and wollah, PAYDAY!|
  • I went back to school and I saw my other crush. Lee Min Ho look alike.
  • Had a pizza date with Epi, Coleen, Dazen and Irene. /wrist I just jogged this morning. Must double time tmrw.
  • Watched "The Vow" starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. We've been waiting for this movie since December. :) Channing's abs was a super plus plus.
  • And my "childhood playmate" sort of interacted with me again. Lol.

So many things happened today. I really love my February 29. :) Goodnight!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Something for Today

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THIS. We should put this in mind all the time. Time has its own game, we never know the rules. We have no idea when will our time's going to end. While we still can say it and while they still can hear it, why not say it out loud? Why not tell them we love them? Does that make us less of a human when we say those three letter words? Guess not.

Think I should do this more often, one way to patch up my relationship with the people here in our house. I guess we've gone too far and I want things to be back the way it is before. So yeah, I love you. There, I said it. :) I'm still alive though.

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